Friday, March 5th 2021

NordVPN Birthday Offer: Get 2 Years Secure VPN Service at 68% Off and Extra Months

NordVPN is a multinational virtual private network (VPN) service provider with direct presence in over 59 counties and regions. It provides fast and secure VPN services to not just businesses and enterprises, but also individuals and small-businesses, like you. You probably didn't even think you needed a VPN, but there's no better time to get one, as we'll explain below. NordVPN is celebrating its Birthday by offering 2-year subscriptions to its service at a deep discount of 68% off. You also get to try your luck with a return gift, which adds anywhere between 1 month to 2 years in addition to the subscription you've paid for!

NordVPN protects you on the Internet by not just hiding your IP address to websites you access, but also encrypts your Internet traffic, so nobody can eavesdrop on you online. NordVPN scrambles your IP address to the websites you visit. Every visit is made from a different IP address, and tunneled through any of NordVPN's thousands of servers spread across the globe. NordVPN doesn't bill you by the data transfers (it's unlimited), however you're still limited by the data caps of your Internet service provider or mobile Internet provider. With one NordVPN subscription, you can secure all your devices, including your PCs, smartphones, laptops, tablets, and more. NordVPN supports a multitude of operating systems and environments.

Sounds good? Get NordVPN and secure your digital presence online.
Still not convinced? Read on.

Your online presence isn't limited to reading the news, accessing your bank, or watching cat videos anymore. NordVPN gives you many advantages:
  • Breach geographical content barriers: Don't you just hate it when a YouTube video you're trying to access is not available in your country, but freely available in another? How about when Netflix makes a show available in another country but not yours? NordVPN lets you breach this barrier by making your computer appear to YouTube or Netflix like it's based in a preferred region. You can imagine many other ways in which you can use this feature
  • Play multiplayer games on restricted servers: It's annoying when you want to play on an online multiplayer game server that has good pings, but happens to be restricted to another country. NordVPN is optimized not just for anonymity and privacy, but also bandwidth and latency. You can use it to play games in the servers you want, with minimal latency overhead with you game traffic being relayed.
  • Flip one up to dystopian censorship: Government across the world are censoring Internet content that isn't necessarily unlawful, such as political dissent, free-speech, criticism against incumbent politicians, or even adult entertainment involving legal-age consenting actors. With NordVPN, not only can you post what you want anonymously, but also your IP address and traffic stay scrambled and encrypted, so nobody can track you down.
  • Thwart data-mining and targeted advertisements: NordVPN not only obscures your online presence, but also (with your permission), filters out data-miners, targeted advertisers, and known sources of malware, so they never even appear on the websites you visit. This way, it does half the job of an expensive Internet Security suite.
A 2-year subscription to NordVPN costs barely $3.71 per month (or $89 paid upfront), plus you get the Gift box that gets you guaranteed additional coverage. It costs nothing to try out NordVPN, as you're covered by a 30-day moneyback guarantee.

Convinced now? Get NordVPN and secure your digital presence online.
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