Thursday, March 4th 2021

MSI Announces MPG CORELIQUID K Series CPU Coolers

MSI introduces its latest liquid coolers, the MPG CORELIQUID K Series, designed with powerful cooling & a rich user experience, powered by Asetek's most advanced technology. As computing processors become more powerful and hotter, a reliable cooler is needed to help sustain peak performance. Introducing MSI's latest liquid cooler, the MPG CORELIQUID K Series. This eye catching and stunning liquid cooler will be your best choice for its dependable cooling performance. The MPG CORELIQUID K Series is available in 360 mm and 240 mm radiator sizes to meet the needs of gamers who need a choice of specifications.

The MPG CORELIQUID K Series features MSI's exclusive and renowned TORX FAN 4.0, capable of generating concentrated airflow for rapid heat dissipation through the radiator. Another fan, a 60 mm TORX FAN 3.0, has been cleverly placed and hidden inside the water block. The TORX FAN 3.0's dispersion fan blade design accelerates airflow around the CPU socket and increases the effectiveness of heat dissipation around the motherboard's power solutions.
The MPG CORELIQUID K Series has been carefully designed for a complete and direct user experience. Introducing MSI's exclusive G.I. (Gaming Intelligence) mode, which intelligently detects the temperature of the CPU and reacts to it. The radiator fans, water block fan, and pump can all have their speed adjusted automatically within different usage preferences. Alternatively, each fans' speed can be manually controlled.

The MPG CORELIQUID K Series also features a 2.4" LCD panel, capable of displaying a variety of graphics including images and text. It is capable of displaying the current hardware status of your system, providing a quick glance at how the system is performing.

In Partnership with Asetek
Working with Asetek, the global leader in liquid cooling solutions for gaming PCs and DIY enthusiasts, MSI achieved new feats with the MPG CORELIQUID K Series. This premium liquid cooler's operation is now quieter compared to the previous generation of liquid coolers, and design improvements from Asetek result in both enhanced permeation resistance and increased durability.

For more information, visit the product pages of the MPG CORELIQUID K360 and MPG CORELIQUID K240.
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2 Comments on MSI Announces MPG CORELIQUID K Series CPU Coolers

This would be the 3rd or 4th AIO with a VRM cooling fan included on the pump block, depending if one counts Cryorig's earlier AIO with a fan that could be pointed at the VRMs or GPU backplate. Even GamersNexus couldn't completely discount the value of a VRM fan, having the Arctic LiquidFreezer AIO top the charts both with the fan on and off.

I'm interested in how this new AIO w/ VRM fan will perform compared to the ASUS Ryujin and the Arctic LiquidFreezer.
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The only reason i dislike watercooling is the fact it cools only the chip (CPU/GPU) itself and not the components around it (VRMs/Heatsinks..).
This seems like a good compromise. Though the plastic around the fan looks like it can block some air..
Let's wait for reviews.;)
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